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5 Hallmarks of a Great Listener


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  • Harry Chappell On February 12, 2015 at 11:51 am - Reply

    Point 5 really stands out to me. I have a habit of showing no emotion and having no reaction in a conversation. I just let people talk at me, and by showing no emotion, they express only their own emotion, rather than reacting to my emotion.

    For example, if someone is talking to me about something, and I show anger or disagreement, then they are likely to get defensive or aggressive about what they are saying. If I show happiness or excitement, then what they are saying might get tainted by their own ego.

    By having no reaction, people say just what they planned, in the emotion they associate with the topic.

    The difficulty comes when people take this as me not being engaged with the conversation. The trick is to show that you’re listening without giving any positive or negative vibes.

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